富士山の茶師  五代目 本多茂兵衛

Fifth Generation Japanese Tea Master Mohei Honda, Eiichi Honda

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden Co., Ltd. / CEO
Shizuoka's 100-Tea Organization / chairman of the Board of Directors
Shizuoka Liaison Council of Rural Youth Club / Member of the Board of Directors
Fermentation Meister in Shizuoka Prefecture (Oolong tea)
Fuji City Tea Making Preservation Association Member
The World Green Tea Contest 2013 / Grand Gold Medal
Agri-Station Festival / Gold Medal
Japanese Tea award 2015 Section of roasted tea / Platinum Award(Highest award)
Create a future for agriculture Encouragement Prize in Shizuoka Prefecture
Japanese block tea contest 2017 / Silver medal

Mohei Honda was born in 1984 in Fuji City,Shizuoka prefecture and, as the eldest son, would inherit the family tea business as the Fifth Generation Master. With an eye toward management, he entered Waseda University's School of Commerce, majoring in International Economics. During these studies, he recognized anew the value of agriculture through field work on Yap Island in the Federated States of Micronesia as well as the Kingdom of Bhutan. This experience and realization ultimately led him back to the family business.

In 2007, following his university graduation and in order to properly learn tea making from square one, he trained for three years - including learning the techniques of other schools - at the place known as the origin of true, high quality green tea - Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture. In 2010, he returned to his birthplace where he succeeded the title as the Fifth Generation Tea Master.



Introduction - A cup of tea changes your life


Thank you for visiting. My name is Mohei Honda, the tea master of Fuji MARUMO tea garden.

All Fuji Teas are made under my supervision as Fifth Generation Tea Master before being delivered to our customers. Fuji Teas are produced under the gaze of Mount Fuji itself, with technologies which have been continuously evolving over 90 years. Our aim is to create a world where people can come together to enjoy the depth and breadth of the world of tea, as well as to experience the deep connections that can be made bonding with someone over a cup of tea.

It only takes that one, small moment beyond the mundanity of everyday life to feel as though one's life has been enriched, the atmosphere made more enjoyable, and some fraction of a perfect world made attainable. The realization of these moments through tea making is the greatest thing I can contribute to society.

And so I raise my cup to all of you; that you may feel that moment of excitement that could change your life or change the world.

Won't you join me for a cup?

Fifth Generation Japanese Tea Master Mohei HondaFifth Generation Japanese Tea Master Mohei Honda


Introduction of Fuji Tea

Fuji Tea has raised and fertilized with rich soil and dry wind on and around Mt. Fuji in the Gakunan Region with various skills by tea masters which have established for many years

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Our Products

Our major products made from the skillsets of the Fuji Tea Master, Mohei Honda


"Tea made from leaves collected during the coldest part of the growing season."

Winter: the time where the roots of the tea plant patiently store up nutrients, dreaming of their chance to blossom come the spring thaw. By using the power of these leaves, which hold the most sweetness, the world's earliest-harvested "New Tea" is a mild, sweet variety that eschews the old assumptions about tea.

Tezumi-kabusecha - Matsu
Tezumi-kabusecha - Matsu

"Carefully hand picked tea from sprouts which have rich sweetness by being covered with shades"

By covering the tea field with shades, sweetness and umami can be increased. Choosing the best field of the year, time and effort is put to this tea by hand picking the leaves. You can feel the rich aroma, see the brilliant green color, and a enjoy a more peaceful taste compared to sencha. We put our hearts into this tea, so please be welcome to enjoy a brew!

Tezumi-kabusecha - Matsu
Roasted green tea - Marubi
Roasted green tea - Marubi

"Caffeine-free tea made by slow-roasting the tea stalks to take full advantage of their inherent sweetness"

The tea stalks are first carefully screened for sweetness before being slow-roasted. By heading the stalk evenly and all the way through to the core, the caffeine can be drawn out while preserving the sweetness. This is tea created with the philosophy of being drinkable for both a mother and her child at the same time.

Roasted green tea - Marubi

"The secrets of heaven, earth, and man from the base of Mt. Fuji - the essence of Japanese tea."

Spring: the tea shoots sprout up, freed from the winter soil. Raised in the gentle sunshine and breezes of Mt. Fuji, this tea has acquired a light and refreshing aftertaste. A harmonic combination of moderate sweetness, savoriness, and bitterness; this is the tea of Mt. Fuji.

Aging Black Tea
Aged Black Tea

"Tea with a well-rounded, mild flavor imparted only by time."

Tea made in the early spring has a strong and rather sharp flavor. However by allowing a tea to experience the passage of time and patiently await the next summer, it becomes an altogether different experience, with a calming aroma and enveloping flavor; the perfect companion to plenty of ice.

Aging Black Tea
Roasted Oolong Tea - Marubi Blue
Roasted Oolong Tea - Marubi Blue

"Tea with a bold aroma born from the roasting process."

Oolong Tea from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland; intense aroma but with light flavor. True oolong tea should have an air of nobility, with a deep, rich flavor. This is what we strive to achieve from the base of Mt. Fuji. From approaching the tea leaves with this in mind has come a miraculous combination of heat and water imbued with the soul of the fire.

Roasted Oolong Tea - Marubi Blue
Moonlight White - Tamausagi
Moonlight White - Tamausagi

"Prized tea born by the light of the full moon."

Summer: deep in the mountains, from quiet fields lit only by the light of the moon overhead, tea leaves are picked. Repeated preparation brings out a clear amber color; soft, sweet smell; and a ultimately a graceful, pure tea with a mellow flavor completely lacking in bitterness. Tea that reminds one of love and of Princess Kaguya, pulled to the moon from Mt. Fuji.

Moonlight White - Tamausagi
Roasted Black Tea - Marubi Red
Roasted Black Tea - Marubi Red

"Uplifting tea with a fruity aroma."

The tea plants stores a wide variety of enzymes in its leaves. This tea takes full advantage of that often untapped resource. By applying heat to these enzymes, a brand new aroma has been unleashed; however, by roasting it in unison with the tea leaves themselves, while this tea bears the unmistakable aroma of fruit, it still preserves its inherent flavors. Brewed hot, it's perfect for drinking on any autumn evening.

Roasted Black Tea - Marubi Red

"Soothing tea with less bitterness."

This tea is made by fully exploiting the skill of matching tea leaves, called Gogumi. Made by combining the flavor from the tea leaves and the sweetness from the stalks, Shiraore, brewed in hot water to further dilute any bitterness, is a tea with broad appeal perfectly suited for those wishing to enter the world of tea for the first time.


Instruction manual for Fuji tea

How to make tea

All of our products are enclosed with instruction manuals written about how to make tea.Even if you do not understand how to make Japanese tea, you can always make a delicious cup.Even if you are accustomed to making tea, please refer to how to brew our instruction manual at first.

Preservation method

Fuji tea has stored gas after extracting air to maintain freshness.When unopened tea is kept in the refrigerator, we will guarantee the taste and the flavor for one year.When you open our goods, please return to room temperature with careful of dew condensation.

After opening, please save it in a sealed container such as a tea can, so as not to smoke the surrounding smell. The aroma and taste of tea changes greatly after opening.We recommend you to drink in about a month.

Oue company logo

Our company logo includes the Suruga bay, majestic Mt. Fuji, "Chatsumi-Musume" who is tea picking girl picking up brand new leaf at our tea garden.In addition to that,Japan's unique lucky charm "Ichi Fuji Ni Taka San Nasubi" is hidden in this picture.

(Hatsuyume is the first dream of the New Year.Dreams of Mt.Fuji, a hawk or an eggplant areconsidered to be good omens for the year.)


Tea Party

We are holding two kinds of tea ceremonies


Cha-geikan is the new style tea party, aiming for popularizing culture of drinking tea in daily lives.

Four Seasons Tea Party

In four seasons tea party, people can taste a variety of teas produced by the tea master, Mohei Honda.


In four seasons tea party, people can taste a variety of teas produced by the tea master, Mohei Honda, and feel the world of Fuji tea.Enjoy different color and taste of teas which changes in four seasons. The tea master pour a cup of tea for you carefully, giving you an impressing experience. Shiraore is an entry-level tea. If you like an organic tea, Fu-shun which is natural farming tea is preferable. Likewise, Kabusecha has a deep taste. We serve cold tea in Summer and Hot roastedtea in Winter.Selecting best tea leaves in accordance with customers' requests and weather, you can ejoy a comfortable atmosphere and feel high-quality teas.In addition, you can learn the history of Fuji teas, and the way of brewing teas and storage.


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